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Team Alliance thank the DRAGONSLAYER Motor Cycle Club for their welcome support, as fellow bikers we really appreciate the effort you have made! 

All of the following generous souls have made generous donations to our rally funds:-
Tom Bamlet, Geof & Shirley Bamlet, Nicki Maikos, Trevor Car,
Dave Render, Adrian John, Sam Bamlet, Ben Nimmo, Peter Wilson, Rosemary Wilson, Richard Fielden & Thomasina Ritchie. 
 We really do appreciate your help!

Many thanks to Mrs R Hall & Family for their support and very kind donations.

Norman & John Middleton have generously made a donation towards our mongol rally expenses.

A much appreciated donation from Linda Burnside, many thanks from Team Alliance.

Thanks for the support from David Clarkson!

Rod & Ashley Fidell have made a very kind donation, it is appreciated!

Margerie & Norman Wilkinson have made a generous contribution, it's very welcome!

Thanks to Mr Mohammed for his support, we really appreciate it, even though he thinks we must be barmy.

Richard Pybus has made a generous donation to our Mongol Rally project.

Many thanks to Sandy Kenworthy for the generous donation!

Our thanks to Graham Pickering for his generous contribution to the Team Alliance Mongol Rally Fund, it is appreciated!

Thanks to Tony Bardy for the generous donation, it is very welcome.

Thanks to the Lady in Middleton St George who kindly donated, wish we had her name!

Kevin W Pybus of Bentley Wynd Yarm has made a generous donation to our Rally funds, many thanks!

Thanks to Dr Faisal El Deen and his wife Debbie for the generous donation to our Mongol Rally war chest!

Our thanks and appreciation to R.B. & G.L. Appleby for their kind donation to our project.

Nigel Lightfoot's very welcome donation is really appreciated.

Thanks to John Austin for his kind donation!

Thanks to Stan Nimmo for the generous donation, it will be a big help!

Foster Francis gave a kind donation to our Mongol Rally adventure!

A big thank you to David Purdy for his kind donation.

Our thanks to Dave Bamlett for his generous donation to our rally funds!